Trent Mclaren

Accounting Thought Leader
Global Head of Accounting
& Sales at Practice Ignition

Trent Mclaren is Australia’s thought leader of the year in the Accounting Industry.

He is the head of accounting and strategic partnerships at Practice Ignition.

His role see’s him partnering with accounting professionals all over the world as he
strives to drive innovation and disruption with his partners. Igniting a culture to
challenge the status quo and create true customer centricity.

Trent comes with years of experience working with disruptive accountants in his
former role at Intuit Australia, as senior business development manager. He has
completed his MBA with an elected focus on strategic marketing and has a
diverse background in online payments and eCommerce.

His combined experience between accounting, payments and online
ecommerce puts Trent right at the centre of small business disruption
that we are witnessing all over the world.